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Hello Atlanta! My name is Nicole and I’m the owner of ATL FIT. This conception of ATL FIT is still pretty young, but that doesn't mean that we're not committed to you. I've worked and trained with gyms and trainers all over to come up with the vision and core values of ATL FIT. We are here to provide you with the knowledge and advice to help you not only succeed inside the gym, but overall improvements in your life. We combine many different styles and techniques to provide you with an experience that is truly catered to your specific needs.


The trainers at ATL FIT are individuals that are not only passionate and compassionate about what they do, but are committed to seeing you succeed! We work hard to provide our members with a place they’re comfortable being. We have equipment and exercises made for all body types and fitness levels, so no need to feel limited! 




  • A safe, judgment-free environment for all fitness levels

  • Honesty, integrity, and professionalism in everything we do

  • Sensitivity to your needs and concerns

  • Treating all people with empathy and respect

  • Comfortable, clean, and spacious facilities

  • Committed to your results and lifestyle goals

  • A humble commitment to growth and development in business and personal life


Nicole Will, Owner

Hello Atlanta! I'm Nicole and I’m the owner of ATL FIT! I started my fitness journey out with a personal trainer when I was in my early 20s. I struggled to keep up the routine and hold myself accountable and failed 3 times of working with a trainer before making regular exercise a part of my life. Throughout my 20s and into my 30s I struggled with self confidence and body image. I also worked a very demanding job on my body and had constant back pain. For several years, I spent a lot of time and money in and out of doctors offices trying to solve my back pain. I never understood what “lift with your legs” meant, and unfortunately the trainers I worked with did not teach me proper form. 


I became frustrated spending a lot of money on training and not getting anything out of it; scheduling was also a nightmare. I was determined to become fit, so I became a student of the body. I began training my friends which helped me realize the joy I get when individuals are confident in what their bodies can do and the positive impact fitness can have on ones life. In 2018, I became a certified personal trainer and began work as a private personal trainer at various training studios around the city. I've worked with people from 17 to 73 and every fitness level and ability. Whatever you're looking for in a personal trainer, ATL FIT is here to help you find it. 

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